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Réf: 2051-00001

All in one for day-surgery !
The ideal stand-alone chair for ambulatory surgery.

Technical specifications

Day-surgery check-list :
♦ An electric operating table, multi-functional with accessories to optional accessories.
♦ A comfortable armchair, with all emergency functions in place.
♦ A stretcher, adjustable and easy to move.

Everything should be electric and automatic, convenient and easy to clean.

- Electric variable height on column
      Maximum height : 100 cm (39in)
      Minimum height  :   60 cm (24in)

- Electric back rest, remote-controlled adjustable incline from 0° to 85°, by handset
- Electric leg rest, adjustable from 0° to 45°, by handset
- Remote-controlled Trendelenburg / Reverse trendelenburg up to 12° by handset
- Matteress Memory Foam (D) 10 cm / 4in HR quality 35 kg/m3
- Sleeping platform measurements : (L) 205 cm x (W) 60 cm (81in x 24in)

- Maximum weight of patient : 180 kg (396 Ibs)
- Height adjustable head-rest
- Vertically retractable arm-rest with integrated fittings for IV rod on each arm rest
- 4 double roller castors Ø150 mm, central locking with two directional castors
- Push bar handles on head and foot for chair / operating table
- Remote-control with movement synchronization
- IV rod

- 5th wheel motion-drive electric assistance
- Removable ophtalmologic surgery head
- Lateral slidings & arm-rest gutter
- Emergency anti-trendelenburg
- Document holder

- Paper-roll holder
- Foot-rest
- Eating-tray

Warranty: 3 years (mattress 1 year)

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