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Feather-Light bed

Plum'light avec dosserets et 1/2 barrières ToilePlum'light avec dosserets et 1/2 barrières Toile
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Réf: 4979


Technical specifications

Electric devices "S.M.P.S." Ti-motion, with protection degree : IP 66
Electric variable height, vertical displacement (scissor elevation)
        - minimum height : 28 cm - maximum height : 75 cm
Electric backrest (angle 70°) and manual leg elevation (angle 26°)
Tube base, epoxy finish "CHOCOLAT"
Equipped with 4 castors wheels with brake, Ø 100 mm
Tube bed base, 40 x 27 mm, sleep platform 200 x 90 cm (european norm), 
Bed base with metal slats, divisible in 2 parts,treated epoxy powder "CHOCOLAT"
Equipped with :
- 2 fittings on bed base for IV rod
- 2 bilateral fittings on bed base for lifting pole 
Back-lit handset

Total Weight of bed: 57 kg
Weight of subsets :
         - part of backrest : 17 kg
         - part of leg rest : 16 kg
         - base : 24 kg

Options and accessories :
- Electric knee break with manual leg elevation
- Electric leg elevation
- Translation of backrest
- Lockout electric function on handset
- CPR of backrest 
- Choice for head and foot boards
- Folding side rails epoxy finish (Fixation by CAME, oblong tube), 1/2 folding side rails
- Wooden side rails (with h&f boards Arche / Aubance / Villandry / Cheverny / Acadia)
- Lifting pole, epoxy finish
- IV rod, epoxy finish
- Extension bed base on wooden h&f boards
- Fix wall saver
- Flexible for handset

Warranty : 5 years (electric and mechanic)

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